About Us…

Julian’s Reverse Quinceanera is presenting its 6th successful year as one of the most  anticipated fundraising events in Fort Lauderdale.

 Over the past 5 years, the ‘JRQ’ has raised thousands of dollars to support several local non-profits, all with organized initiatives to support the LGBTQ Community and its allies.  This year, we are announcing the launch of our very own non-profit which will be the primary beneficiary of the funds raised.

Julian Cavazos, our founder, and a board consisting of trusted friends and colleagues is proud to introduce:

 “Julian’s Fountain of Youth”

Quenching the thirst for Knowledge, Guidance, and Betterment of the LGBTQ Youth Community.

Our primary mission is to support existing LGBTQ Youth Programs and host an annual LGBTQ youth retreat.  By partnering with LGBTQ Youth organizations both locally and nationally, we will be presenting up to 24 scholarships to deserving LGBTQ Youth to our 6-day retreat called Fort Lauderdale’s Youth Empowerment Retreat (FLYER).   This exciting opportunity will be open to participants between the ages of 13 and 17.       Attendees  will take part in experiential learning courses, life-enrichment strategies along with gratitude and mentor activities and daily group reflection.

The FLYER experience will change the lives of participants in ways you and I could only have imagined.  We look forward to your continued support and to Julian’s Fountain of Youth’s success today and for years to come.