…a note from Julian

Dear Friends, Family, and Community,

The unconditional love of my family and friends was always something I could count on in my teens.  My mother’s love for me was beyond measure, I never once doubted that.  I’ll never forget her telling me, “Julian, you are my son; no one will ever come before you”.  This is something I’ve always kept in my heart.

But with all that love, I still grew up ashamed of who I knew I was and scared that I would never be accepted.  Acceptance had always been my greatest fear.  Am I enough and will people accept me for who I am?   Inadequacy was my biggest burden.

It wasn’t until 12 years ago, after taking experiential learning courses that I learned; I am enough and responsible for everything that happens around me.  I am adequate and suitable all because I say so.   It’s truly that simple.

I made a commitment that one day I would make these courses available to LGBTQ Youth.  

I’ve joined forces with some amazing people and we’re committed to making this happen.  I’m asking you to join me in creating a space where everyone feels that same love and acceptance I felt from my mother.   

Thank you Mom     …and thank you all for your consideration.     

Julian Cavazos III

Mom and Jules